Disability Rights Handbook Is A Ready Reckoner for Disability Issues

Disability Rights Handbook is a publication of Disability Alliance. Its 34th edition hit the US market just a short while ago. The book is a ready reckoner for those looking for any type of information on disability rights and benefits under different disability benefit schemes.

The need to bring out a fully updated edition of the book was repeatedly being felt in the last year or so. An acute consciousness to do so had especially settled in after changes such as the introduction of employment and support allowance were introduced in to the system. Thus, it became important to fully explain the benefits that individuals could derive out of such changes.

A major benefit that the Disability Right Handbook provides to its readers is a fully expanded section on issues such as VAT and income tax relief. Most individuals are clueless about the VAT and income tax relief that can come there way. Information pertaining to all such matters is fully elucidated in the book, thus making it a must buy for all those who need disability assistance.

The nature of this book is such that it can be used both- by claimants as well as advisers. The book is written in a simple, jargon-free language and provides precise and yet concise information about all disability assistance schemes. The information is presented in such a simple and error-free format that it can be understood by everybody who is associated with the disability assistance scheme(s).

The book would be an excellent source of factual and critical material for those who are looking to play the role of an adviser to the disabled. All its content is legally referenced and its validity has been backed by DWP.

The dimensions of Disability Rights Handbook are quite large. Each page is an A4 size sheet and the total number of pages inside the book is 290. Individuals need to shell out GBP 25 to buy a copy of the handbook. Those who are suffering from a disability and are already deriving assistance through government disability schemes can have this book at a special price of GBP 10. The book is post free. Hence, you are not required to pay any shipping charges on this book.

Since this is a digital age and everybody spends more time on a computer, the publishers of Disability Rights Handbook have also released a CD version of the book. The digital version of the book is as user-friendly as the original book. The pages have been bookmarked and surfing the book with the help of the interactive programming embedded into the digitized version becomes extremely easy.