Social Security Disability Benefits For Children

Social security disability benefits are available to all citizens of United States regard-less of their age, provided of course that they qualify for the definition of being disabled. The primary component of these benefits is the payment of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for children with disabilities. In addition to this, there is the State Children's Health Insurance Programs and some addi-tional health care related services.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for the disabled children
SSI is the largest program for social security benefits of the disabled children. It covers most of the disabled children in United States. The scheme is available to disabled children who are not older than 18 years. It must be understood that the income of said child should not exceed the limits imposed by SSI eligibility regulations. You must also note that the amount that a child will get also depends upon the state concerned. This is because some state governments also contribute to the SSI payments.

Estimating the income of child for SSI
As told earlier, a child has to have limited income in order to be eligible for SSI payment. As of 2009, the income cap is laid down at $980 for a month. .The income of child includes the overall income and resources of family. This is applicable regardless that the child stays at home or if he goes to school and returns home as per the school calendar. If the combined income and resources of the child and family exceed the defined limit, no SSI benefits are available.  In cases where the child is at a medical institu-tion and the payment is being made under medical insurance, the SSI benefits are not allowed to exceed $30.

State Children's Health Insurance Program
Along with SSI, all the state governments as well as the District of Columbia also run Children's Health Insurance Programs. The program is for people who earn more than the Medicaid limit but not enough to get private health insurance.  The state program provides support for both physical and mental ailments.  The program is primarily administered by the State Medicaid Agency and is available in collaboration with other social security plans for the handicapped children.

Additional health care services
The SSI comes with special medical support as well. This is mandated by the Social Security Act under the provision that deals with the matters related children with special health care needs. These programs are operated by state bodies. The process to get these benefits is not much different then the state children's health insurance program but this is not an insurance program per se.

All in all, the US government has taken all possible steps to ensure that appropriate social security dis-ability benefits for children are available to provide them a respectable life.