5 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing A Disability Claim

When filing for disability claims, claimers make a few common mistakes that could be easily avoided. Let's take a look at some common mistakes made when filing a disability claim:

Planning to apply for disability claim but never doing it
One of the biggest mistakes when applying for disability claim is claimant's thoughts. The claimers have a perception that the whole process of claiming disability benefits is quite tiresome and it takes a lot of time. Sometimes claimers simply think of avoiding the circus outside and do whatever they are doing. One reason of not applying for disability at all is their hope that with time, their impairment may get cured. So, stop hurting yourself and look for a lawyer to claim the disability benefits.

Presuming that you can't afford a lawyer
Stop making presumptions that you can't afford a legal representative for SSI disability claim. An attorney is paid only after he wins the case. An attorney can ask for 1/4th of the payment a claimer is getting. Therefore, don't commit a stupid mistake; rather hire an attorney for social security disability claim.

Lack of preparation for SSI hearing
If you are not prepared for a SSI hearing, you would end up rescheduling the date of hearing. The common mistake that claimers commit, due to lack of preparation are:

* Not able to reach the location of hearing on time
* Not able to identify their own file
* Not submitting the medical records to the hearing office

So, preparation is a must before any hearing. It is better to know beforehand, the exact site where the hearing is taking place. Get a copy of your file and analyze it carefully. In addition, submit all the medical records to the hearing office in time.

Not appealing, instead filing? a new application
A claimer files for disability claim and gets denied for disability. Now, instead of appealing for the same, claimer reapplies for disability. What actually needs to be done is that once disability is denied claim, one should request for reconsideration. If the request for reconsideration is also rejected, the claimer should submit his second appeal and request for an administrative hearing before the judge. This way, claimant could improve the chances of winning.

Going to hearing unrepresented
Yes, you can represent yourself at social security hearing, but statistics show that people going with representatives have won more often. A claimant who doesn't appoint an attorney and represents himself may get emotional about his disability and so be unable to represent himself well. So, it is important to hire a representative.

So, avoid such mistake while filing a disability claim.