What To Do As A Parent When Your Child Is Disabled

The most important and tender stage of an individual's life is childhood, as it is the formative year of a child's life. During childhood, a child requires affection as well as good education to develop a balanced emotional intelligence and good character. It is during this period that he gets most of the affection. But, most crucial is that during this period the education and knowledge he or she receives ultimately becomes the groundwork of the person's character.

Therefore, childhood is the nursery for building character of a child. This stage is really a vital period. But, what do we do when the child is disabled. As a parent how can you help your disabled child become a good and productive citizen? What to do as a parent when your child is disabled? As a parent, this is your litmus test.

It can be interesting but challenging for parents to create conducive and congenial environment for the growth and development of your disabled child.

Here are a few steps to be kept in mind by parents of disabled children:

The first step is to make the disabled child understand his or her disability. But, at the same time, ensure that the child knows that as a parent you love him/ her. You have to make your child realize his/her condition. Ensure that your disabled child realizes that despite the disability, he/she can face the big and bad selfish world upfront, without seeking anybody's mercy or charity. You can also talk to other parents of the disabled children, and share experiences with them.

Moreover, ensure that you are always available when your disabled child needs you. Never make fun of the child. Always highlight the child's strength and special qualities. This will do world of good to his self-esteem and self-respect. This will go a long way in creating strong values and character in him/ her and also help him/ her to be successful in life.

Spend fun filled special time with your disabled child to discover and enhance his/ her hidden and special qualities and skills. Your child may be blessed with extraordinary drawing, painting, singing, dancing, or acting skills, or even sports. Try to make him more involved with that activity. That will do a whole lot of good to the child's development. But, here you have to be with his/her side every time. Do not be ashamed of him/he.

There are special schools essentially meant for the disabled children. Enroll your special child in such a school.

As a parent, you should never lose heart. Rather, be optimistic. Always face the disability problems of your disabled child upfront. This will not only keep you in good humor, but also help in developing and maintaining the self-respect and self-esteem of your extraordinary child.

Another thing you should do as a parent is try to keep the child away from all kinds of negativity. Make him face the problems instead of running away from them. Even if, in some cases, it requires professional help, do not hesitate to go for proper development and growth of your disabled child.