Further Resources on Disability

General resources programs include programs like ADAPT for attendant allowance for people with disabilities needing assistance. A comprehensive source or document center is American with disabilities act.

Internet Primer- Catherwood Library at Cornell University offers extensive guide to internet resources. It deals with physical and mental disabilities, the work place and related topics including how to initiate proceedings.

Global networking facilitates communication among various institutions working in this field. They act as a guide to disability resources on the net. Literary aspect to disability resources covers specialized disability resources monthly magazines which go through various issues related to independent living and also assessing them.

Emergency info online provides comprehensive knowledge about organizations relating to their work including response, recovery & communication in emergency and how to access them.

Northern Kentucky provides talking book service. National library service for blind and handicapped also runs free programs. University of Kentucky is a center for excellence in developmental program. It provides excellent education to post secondary students with disabilities. It also runs assistive technological services.

There is also an American association for athletes with disabilities and also a National sports center for disabled. Mental health resources include American psychological association, Internet mental health, knowledge exchange network, etc. There are specific programs for visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disabilities, etc. Besides there are technology programs like Assistive Technology Resource.