What We Learn Creates Disabilities

Disabilities can arise in lives. Disabilities can come from what you learn. Everyone has a peculiar way of learning. Learning is a process in which a person grows with knowledge, experience and understanding. Actions speak louder than words. Learning disability does not allow you to follow your elders. Many of you come across bad examples. Everyone does not have the guts to take a different path.

World leaders tell us that violence is bad. The same leaders declare war and give orders to attack. You are setting a bad example for your child. The adults should teach children that violence is not the solution. The latest example of stubbornness is Bush. He led US to Iraq war after becoming the US president. Children pick up lots of things from bad examples. They feel that strength and power  dominate. The children loses control of their minds. This leads to chaos. The superpowers want dominance of world because of selfish interests like oil and international trade. Powers like the UK and US had always followed some of the other type of policy which makes them attack and plunder.. Live and fill your bags by plundering other nations.

People who declare war on others should always know the consequences. Disability is a major result. Bad decision leads to death and disability of millions. Many children are aware. They can see the gimmicks of the politicians and so called mentors in a clear fashion. You can further advise them that violence is wrong. The children have to believe that good deeds beget good rewards. The national commission of education focuses on different areas of control. It does not focus on child values. Mentors want children to behave as per Gandhian standards yet they have a  lust for power and control. The children are threatened about the consequences if they do not follow the rules. This increases their disability.

The teachers want students to follow the old and outdated rules when things have totally changed. The teachers do not want the children to believe that this is an era of freedom. The person needs to understand learning disabilities by following religion, law, science and philosophy.

The fact of the matter is that man is an imperfect creature.  People interpret things in a different way. Some say war is optional. Some say war is out of their control. Such varied views lead to disability.

You learn by rote.  In case you want others to behave properly then you have to bring about a new life order. Talk and action should be in harmony. This will give solution to learning disabilities. You should also know how to utilize words. If you have a clear source of understanding, war will stop. The world will have peace.