What We Learnv

There has  to  be something wrong somewhere. You may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder[ADHD]. This effects your learning skills. You have to evaluate yourself to find the answer. You need to approach teachers in school. Consult specialists  for ADHD. This will prevent harm in long run.

If the person cannot fight stress, the person will have learning disability.  When your mind is free from stress it will be able to think properly. You can cope even with ADHD but there should be no stress. Seek therapy. Avoid stimulants as these will not help you in coping with stress. Move to the next step after accepting the problem. Do not set goals that are out of reach. Set small goals. Move to next goal only after you have achieved your  previous one. Have a sense of direction. Do not plan without direction. If you do so, your plans may fail.

Plan a strategy in case you cannot read. Do not ignore the words you cannot understand. Try to understand  what the author is saying. Make a cross reference. You will be able to understand this way. Consult a dictionary. Understand the meaning of what is being said. Your reading will continue in smooth way. In case you cannot write properly look for ways to solve the problem. You can also consider a tutor. He will help you in solving  problems.

Check the paragraphs twice. Correct your  mistakes. Check the grammar to make sure you are writing correctly.. Make proper usage of verbs, nouns and adjectives. In case you do not understand, consult the Internet. You will get all relevant tips from the Internet.

You need keep an open  mind. Do not give up. Failure leads to success. The greatest book on English rules is ----elements of style. This book illustrates English rules with examples. Jesus was a fine example. He told you what you need to do. He told you how and what to learn.