What Are The Characteristics Of Learning Disability?

Learning Disability- the problem is rare in its occurrence and no sharp symptoms exist so as to help one recognize its presence. But this is one disability wherein, the early you recognize it in your child, the better help and care you can provide him.

Still there are some common characteristics of learning disability which begins to appear quite early in a person’s life. But, it depends on the person’s family and social background that how fast it is identified and brought to medical attention.

Disability in reading, writing, comprehending begins to come out during the early school years. Or, even as early as when letters are introduced at home in a fun manner! But this is no rule. As, a child may give in very early or very late signals of having this disorder. For instance, the problem of mathematical comprehension may not be easily traced as generally this is regarded as a tough subject and it is when long term incompetence is seen that people might think about it in terms of medical condition.

However, the disorder of movement co-ordination is probably the most easily discernible. Again problem of non-verbal disorder is very difficult and often is preceded by a certain kind of negative experience in life. It may always be confused with a person being by nature an introvert and averse to socialization.

What is peculiar about the characteristics about learning disabilities is that the symptoms are mostly social in nature and therefore produces a very different kind of social equation which is often negative and very discouraging for the person who is suffering from this ailment.

Therefore parents who are closest to the child should be careful about not overlooking the deviant sign of their child’s behavior.