Understanding The Symptoms Of ADHD

Your child runs to the door every now and then for no apparent reason. You feel he has probably taken some drug. The child frequently goes out of control and becomes difficult to handle. He disappoints you by saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. These are prime symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. The child nags you constantly.. You get irritated. As a result you do not want to teach him.

You watch your child play. The child becomes tired within a  few minutes or so. The child cannot do homework. His head hurts. If you ask him to lie down, the child becomes restless and at times violent. The child becomes bored. When your child fails to use common sense, you get angry. The child unwittingly hurts other's feelings. You get calls from the school. The authorities say that the child is not performing well in class. Something has to be done. This condition needs to be addressed by a professional doctor.

The doctor diagnoses the child with ADHD. The symptoms are numerous. They include short attention spans and c coordination disabilities. Your child can learn and forget at very rapid speeds. This is a major problem of ADHD. This is a problem which can shatter your child's confidence. The child lacks common sense but is not retarded. The people who think that child is retarded have a very wrong notion.

Retarded children have  IQ levels lower than  70. He cannot learn at a normal speed. ADHD patients cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. You have to restructure the education process in this case. This helps in discovering the child's innate talents.

The child should learn importance of simple things one at a time. There can be a problem in the child's development in case he or she feels that you are the cause of the problem In this condition, he plays a trick. He pretends to be normal. ADHD cases can do this to people. You need to change the thinking pattern of the child.

Redirect the child to a less complex problem. Constant practice is the best solution. You can reduce the responsibility of children with ADHD[attention deficit hyperactivity disorder]. Actions speak louder than words. Practice what you preach. Observation is an important tool in learning. Observation will help such children learn. You have to have a lot of patience with such children. The frustration can be removed very slowly.