Understanding Auditory Processing Hyperactive Disorder

ADHD is also called auditory processing hyperactive disorder. This is a complicated process. In this case, the auditory stimulus does not attend the tangential hearing deficiency. And, this affects the ability of the individual to learn. ADHD is an epidemic problem.

ADHD causes many children and adults to suffer everyday. The person with ADHD loses common sense. These people hurt the feelings of other person. They become bore often. Such cases complete the task with difficulty. They display impulsive outbursts. The patient acts without thinking about the consequences. The patient shows disregard to his mentor.

In ADHD/ADD case, the cranial nerve, which joins brain from ear, is in problem. This cannot transfer the impulses properly. And, this creates a big problem. When auditory processing breaks, the patient gets hyperactive tendencies. This makes, patient with ADD, explode.

Hyperactivity results in unyielding energies. This makes the patient behave out of control. The main problem arises because central nervous system is touched in a negative way. This is the reason the patient cannot think in a positive way.

Studies say that central nervous system is responsible to fight stress. ADD/ADHD cases have neurotransmitter deficiency illness. This is why these cases require spinal alignment to function properly. Since central nervous system is involved, it requires perfect treatment to find a solution. Diet and exercise helps ADD/ADHD cases. These patients can commit suicide in case they feel their game is over.

ADD/ADHD cases need consistent treatment to avoid complications. Drugs/alcohol increases suicidal tendencies in such cases. Avoid them as they have bad impact on the brain. Fish oil is important because it reduces outbreaks.

Also, be careful about the side effects of medicines. Some medicines increase chaotic breaks. Check diagnosis in a proper way, in case your loved one has ADD/ADHD.