Understand Learning Disabilities First, And Then Cure!

Learning disabilities are in a way as a gifted mind by God Almighty. People with learning disability learn in a different way than others and they have to put in more efforts in learning. If given positive persuasion, such cases may definitely succeed. These people can learn trough constant practice and follow a learning curve to reach their goals.

Learning disabilities are due to confused minds and it is absolutely wrong perception that person with learning disability cannot learn. You follow a learning curve but curve is not set by you and you can do well in one subject and bad in the other. This problem can be corrected.

Every individual has a particular personality and it is formed with social values and with the passage of time. Experts make personality test charts which tell personality traits of an individual. However, there is one major problem that is no one puts complete efforts on a specific personality. Schools want to open one to one teaching to solve this issue.

Individual learning is recommended for individuals with dyslexia. Phonics can prove to be helpful for children with all types of disabilities. Many schools tell children to have short term goals and later, they may go for long term goals. The new researches that have come in help children a lot with learning disabilities.

Another important problem is that children lack direction. Since the goals are not well defined,  this creates confusion in the children. The child simply gets confused by fancy words as mental health experts give a different definition of learning disabilities. New researchers in mental health want to abolish psychopathic disorder. That is why some experts are unable to diagnose MPD [multiple personality disorder] properly.

The experts say that MPD is form of schizophrenia which is not true. Some say that MPD is due to frictional environment, again not true. Now the experts have reached a conclusion calling MPD a disassociate identity disorder. The personality forgets to associate with his/her true identity. Natural born brilliant individuals do what is not possible for all. Remember the disability is not a curse, it is a way to struggle in the world.