The Traps Of Learning Disabilities

You need to understand the problem of learning disabilities. This will help you in making wrong judgment or diagnosis. You need to give special education to a  child with learning disability. Lack of ability to learn should be  called inability not disability.

Some children do not learn. This is because of a lack of information. Lack of proper information leads the child to the wrong path. If the child cannot learn a subject, help the child to to find suitable  resources. Do not let the child read books of a particular level. The child has to go beyond the level. Books carry pictorial instructions, graphics and arts. Some children observe pictures. Some learn maths by charts, statistics and graphics. Inadequate education structure is also responsible. This usually happens in a lot of foreign nations.

The children are advanced in foreign nations. In America, money and power matters. So there is some lacuna in the system. A child with learning disability is sent to a mental health expert. This labels the child as mentally ill. The parents want a solution for the problem.. Half of the children in special education programs are mentally disabled. It is useless to put this child in a public school.

Any child can quit school before age. The law permits this. This is a serious hazard. Children do this because they do not want to follow codes and ethics. The child which attends special education classes is paid by the government. The school is aware of this. The teachers in the regular school are free from the responsibility of this child. The best thing is to reexamine the child. No two individuals in this world can learn on the same level. You need to understand this truth.  

A lot of famous people in the world had learning disability. Finest example was Albert Einstein. ADHD is a hereditary ailment which affects the  mind. Einstein had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He overcame this problem  and became a genius. Today, the whole foundation of science and technology is based on Newton and Einstein. Adderall XR used for the treatment of ADHD is a dangerous drug. It has claimed more than 20 lives. It is better to avoid it. Research on other suitable drugs needs to be carried out.