The Root Cause Of Learning Disabilities

You cannot learn when the teacher is negligent. The negligent teacher cannot give you meaning. Your parents did not analyze this thing. They thought your teacher is good and right, always. It is not necessary you have learning disability because you cannot understand the meaning of a particular subject. This thing cannot be always true.

You may have problem to understand words in instructions. Learning is a rather complex process. When some elements required for learning process are not developed properly, you will find some trouble in the learning process. This does not mean you have learning disability. You rather need to have a different outlook of the problem.

It is often said person with learning disability cannot succeed. This is not always true. Many individuals, with learning disability, made a mark in history. Sometimes, the teacher becomes a problem for the child. The child has to learn on a particular level of understanding. The teacher must understand this fact. The teacher can confuse a child, if he uses big words, or makes the topic too short.

When I was in the 7th grade, teachers called me a learning disabled case. I came out from Maths test in 10 minutes. The teacher insulted me. He dismissed me from the class. When the results came out, I had ‘A’ grade. The same teacher was shocked.

Some students learn at very fast speeds. Some learn at slow speeds. After thorough observation, I found I was not the only learning disabled case. The problem was with people. The lacked communication skills, to tackle me properly. Sometimes, you will find learning disability is an understatement itself.  With time, you may come to know the teacher himself is disabled.  

Do not label the person disabled. You lack the power to understand individuality in case you do this. The school books often confuse. They generally teach inaccurate concepts, like evolution. You cannot force a child to believe he evolved from monkeys. Now, scientists say this theory is not correct.

Schools are responsible for learning disability. They give misinformation. The children are forced to believe some codes and rules. The schools generally repeat things told before. This should not happen. Same algebra taught in schools is also taught in the colleges. This is nothing, but repetition. These factors also cause learning disabilities.

The system should reevaluate itself. This is the only solution.