The History Of Learned Behaviors

Learning disability is not the problem of the present age. It was there centuries before. The drawback of learning disability is it corrupts the mind. This happens in case proper steps are not taken. Corruption of mind leads to prejudice. You can check these drawbacks. For this, you need to study the history of learned behaviors.

British, Jews, and Americans were slaves long before the Africans. The families that could not afford American living were subjected to slavery. They accepted this. The reason is the authorities promised them freedom. This promise was actually false. These people were forced to work till death. The white man did not consider these men as human beings. Women were considered inhuman.

This thing has passed to modern society, too. Everyone wants supremacy at the cost of others. Even today there is domestic violence. Children kill children. These acts lead to prejudice, and  prejudice leads to learning disability. Thus, the cycle goes on. The children of today grow with the same concept that white man is superior. But, it is not their fault. They get these things from elders.

Crime increases with time. You see white man beating black man in the street. You see him insulting a white or a black woman. The reason is he has superiority complex. Mahatma Gandhi is a good answer to these ignorant minds.

Learning disabilities happen if you come under pressure by a set of rules or dogmas. Many people with learning disabilities refuse to follow leaders. Learning disability is a major problem. If you cannot figure it out today, you can never in future. People with learning disabilities can teach you exceptional things. Just control their behavior. Millions of children have learning disability, because of stupid behaviors today.

History records many rulers have left behind learning process. A fine example is Adolf Hitler. He killed above one million people. What did he actually contribute? Absolutely nothing! Many historical figures were publicized beyond limit. This is also an aspect of learning disability. Unfortunately, at that time there was no check on behaviors.

The media of today also creates some hype. Hype impacts children. They develop learning disabilities.

Jefferey dohmer, a well-known figure, had learning disability. But, he controlled learning behavior. He became immortal in history. Persons, with learning disability, must follow his example.