SSI And Disability

Supplement security income (SSI) as the name suggests is a federal government supplemental income program funded from the collections of general tax revenues. Its basically meant for the elderly, congenitally disabled people and those without income or financial aid from any source. The program aims at providing the basic needs of the human being- food, clothing and shelter.

To be eligible for the SSI income you must either be  aged, blind or disabled with limited resources or very little income. The eligibility for SSI disability is considered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).. If a individual is disabled and is less than eighteen years of age, the individual is eligible for SSI benefits. if the individual is  a disabled adult who cannot work and has no substantial gainful activity then the individual is also considered for these benefits.

The procedure to avail of SSI disability benefits:
To get the benefits you must call the SSA for an appointment. On the given date  a representative of the SSA will help you to apply for the benefits. After that you will have to provide certain documents  to the officials. Your case will be evaluated based on these documents. The documents which are required are your social security number or card number, age proof, medical proof of disability,  citizen or alien status record, proof of low income ,proof of resources etc.

Along with all these you will have to apply for the benefit by filling up certain forms. These forms are usually filled in online by the representative after he has interviewed you. There are some forms that you might need to fill up yourself. Once this is done the case is with the SSI and they will inform you once they make a final decision.

Remember one thing. The sooner you apply for the benefits the faster your case progresses.