Sports For Disabled Kids

Children are very  interested in various physical activities and sports. Individuals in their teens often like to involve themselves in sports during school hours.  It is sad that a disabled or handicapped person does not get the privilege of participating in any sport.  It is embarrassing for the disabled students to see other students participating in sports.

The federal government has come up with laws to prevent discrimination against disabled students by other students and school authorities.

Even the federal government has come up with laws  But after seeing the indecent behavior of various students towards the disabled students have come up with an order of treating all the students fairly and this should be done by schools and the local education authorities. In fact the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) states that it is against the law for schools to discriminate against a child for a reason related to the child’s disability or handicapped nature.

The  good news for the disabled child is that there are variety of sports and programs especially designed for them  The National Sports Center for the disabled came up in 1970 with a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of the disabled by introducing recreational programs and sports especially designed for them. Its impact was visible, direct and immediate. It started as a one time ski lesson for disabled  children. With specially trained staff and the well equipped labs, the organization teaches variety of summer and winter sports and activities to the individuals with a wide range of  physical, behavioral and emotional disabilities.

The main mission of the organization is to provide the quality outdoor sports and therapeutic recreation programs. Some of its summer activities include rafting, kayaking, horse pack trips, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing and the like. Some of its winter activities include adventures like alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, Nordic hut trips, ski racing and  snowshoeing.

Another organization contributing towards the opportunities for the disabled child in various sports activities is the National Disability Sports Alliance. This organization was formed to order to hold competitive sports for individuals with disability, traumatic brain injuries and other diseases.

If your handicapped child longs to play golf then don’t despair. There are a number of  specially designed wheel chairs that enable disabled children to play golf. This wheelchairs work well and are  battery-powered..

If you have a disabled child, then remember that giving the child the same opportunities in sports as are available to other children will go a long way to make him grow up to as normal an individual as possible.