Some Types Of Learning Disabilities At A Glance

Disability is when you are unable to live a normal life due to inability to behave normally. There are different types of disabilities that make a person unable to live life like a normal person. Some of the disabilities that a person faces are cognitive disabilities, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities and physical disabilities. Some of these disabilities are curable, but most of them are not curable and person suffering from them has to suffer from this for the rest of the life.

But thankfully, learning disabilities are not a major form of disability. If you get to know about this disability at the right time then surely you can use proper ways to deal with it. There are some types of learning disabilities that a person faces. Some of these are:

Speech and language disorders: In this learning disorder, a child is not able to learn to speak or learn any language for a longer period of time. The child will not be able to understand spoken language and could not even speak up rightly. The child will have poor communication skills.

Disorder related to studies: Some of the children will have problem related to reading, writing and arithmetic. This problem can be easily tracked by the poor results in school. Teachers could easily make out that the child is not able to grasp what is taught to him easily. There are reading disabilities that are also called dyslexia. In this, child is not able to read and identify various sounds of words. Then there are writing disabilities that are called dysgraphia. In this disability, the child will not be able to write down things and create sentences. Then there are arithmetic skills that are called dyscalculia. In this disorder, child will not be able to do mathematical calculations.

All these are some types of learning disabilities that a child could face, but yes these can be treated by right treatment given at the right time.