Rich And Famous With Disabilities!

When you go through Stephen Hawking’s epochal works on cosmology, it is hard to conceptualize that this man perennially lives within the confines of a wheelchair. In the same manner, when one listens to a soothingly lilting Beethoven sonata, one gets bemused to realize that this man composed his best pieces after he had become completely deaf. These two are true examples of people who rose to international fame in spite of being physically handicapped.

These are only few examples. Many others have graced the annals of history—people who earned enviable success, their various disabilities notwithstanding. Stevie Wonder, the famous American singer and song writer is visually impaired since birth. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf. Among the blind people, Ray Charles is one of the most prominent who gained fame with his inimitable soul renditions.

Disability does not spare even the royalty or the high and mighty. King Richard III of England suffered from severe deformities in the back and legs. Franklin Roosevelt, erstwhile USA President suffered from polio since childhood. However, they were able to overcome these odds in their ascent to fame.

Coming to other celebrities, actor Christopher Reeve, who became the apple of the eye of people worldwide following the huge success of the Superman movies series, was rendered quadriplegic by a horse-riding mishap later in his life. Def Leppard, the music legend, had one of his arms amputated after a car accident. Classical actress Sarah Bernherdt had to live life with one leg because one of her legs had to be amputated after an accident.

The most striking aspect of these peoples’ lives is that disability could not mar their spirits. Being physically or mentally handicapped can be a huge deterring factor in the life of a normal person. The famous peoples’ main difference from the hoi polloi is their ability to successfully fight against all odds and overcome them in the long haul. Their achievements are proof enough of it.