Reviewing Development Disabilities

The occurrence of developmental and learning disabilities is pretty common in all societies. Everywhere, in every country, a sizeable population suffers from such disabilities.

The disabled with development disabilities have to contend with enough problems as it is. On account of ignorance and lack of understanding many people, tend to look down on the disabled. People with development disabilities are often subject to traumatic physical or mental harassment.

This is a trend that can be reversed only by educating and sensitizing people about the disabled. People need to be taught to be sensitive to the needs of the unfortunate individuals who are a victim of development disabilities.

Developmental disabilities are a broad category of disabilities that include problems of   both physical and mental nature. Development disabilities may be either genetic in nature or acquired in a lifetime.

A Development disability is a chronic disorder that adversely affects the development of an individual’s capability to be mobile, learn language, speak coherently or interact with other people.

This specific disorder includes many different types and forms. The most common among them are autism, Down’s syndrome and other genetic disorders. Another condition that results in development disabilities is cerebral palsy that may be genetic in nature. Mental retardation is another cause of developmental disabilities.

There are a number of causes responsible for these conditions. The reasons may be genetic in nature or on account of brain injuries or nutritional deficiencies.
The lack of general health care may also result in the surfacing of these problems. Child abuse is also known to cause development disabilities

There are many prenatal factors such as use of drugs, smoking and excessive intake of alcohol that may result in birth defects leading to development disabilities.

Development disabilities often results in the incapability of the individual to develop either physical or mental faculties. These disorders are usually of a permanent nature and may require institutionalizing of the affected individual.