Ready To Learn with ADHD

People with ADHD[attention deficit hyperactive disorder] should be willing to learn. Sometimes wrong diagnose becomes a problem. The individual needs special attention to advance and learn. ADHD is an auditory processing dysfunction. This affects the brain, eyes and ears.

People with  ADHD experience hand and eye coordination disabilities. Impaired visual coordination creates problems while learning. People are not able to interpret what they observe correctly. This makes them  see the things in a different light. In this situation, one person may see the meaning of words clearly while another may not. Lack of visual coordination may not be present with all sufferers of ADHD.

People with ADHD may also have problems with coordinating or making sense of what they hear. On account of this there may be learning disabilities.. In hearing impairment, the auditory nerve ending is affected. This prevents the ear from sending signals to  the brain. This results in interpretation disabilities. This lands up  affecting speech. Hearing and observation are an  important part of learning process.

Children with eye and hearing disabilities have to be taught differently. The Internet can play  an important role.. Information on learning techniques are available on the Internet.

This helps children with learning disabilities to cope. But each case has to be treated differently. So different methods have to be used to treat different cases. Learning disabilities are not easy to solve.  Coordination is important for easy learning. In case of such problems there is a lack of hand, eye and ear coordination.

You see a lot of hyperactivity in ADHD cases. Hyperactivity creates aggression in the child. This prevents him from learning. The child becomes restless. They tend to loose  attention. Attention and concentration are important factors while learning. These cases have short attention spans. They fail to understand things in a proper way. In such  cases, the mind and body are  stretched above the limit. There is always a tug of war between the mind and the body.

The people with learning disability are not aware of time. They tend to loose balance. They resort to alcohol, drugs and crime. The department of mental health finds it difficult to find a solution. Individuality are  above the material world. Proper steps have to be taken to make people with ADHD cases learn. Even they are human. Do not forget that.