Oxygen Intake And Learning Disability

Oxygen plays an important role in learning disabilities. The brain needs oxygen to function. Oxygen affects the brain. Oxygen can prevent you from learning. The brain does not function in a proper way because of chemicals and toxins. Improper function of brain leads to destruction. Such people pollute air, water, and natural resources.

The gases in the air pollute the environment. Droplets in the air increase the pollution. You cannot breathe in a natural way because of the level of pollution. When lungs are affected, automatically, the brain is affected.

Statistics reveals man can live without food and water for some time. But the same statistics shows that in case of lack of oxygen supply to brain man can die. Brain injury is the prime cause of learning disability.

ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] cases have brain imbalance. This means brain injury is there in these cases. This results in insufficient oxygen intake. Oxygen clears cells of impurities. This gives flexibility and energy. Metabolism is affected with the loss of energy. Mind shows improper function due to impurities in large levels.

In this case, blood circulation is not as per normal standards. Such people have problem, to a greater extent. Oxygen plays an important role in depression and mental disability. Aging happens due to lack of oxygen. You have to find solutions to reduce the toxins.

Our mind and body needs more than half the oxygen it is getting today. Scientists in recent years have developed oxygen element plus. This fights toxic waste in the body. This balances cellular oxygen level. When the level is balanced, the body and mind function in a proper way.

It is important to check the psychological aspect of mind. The problems due to pollution will become worse with time. You need to be aware.

Some natural herbs are important for the brain. These herbs promote oxygen. The brain functions in a smooth way. Harmful chemicals can make situation worse. It is better to trust natural products. Your mind can give great rewards, if free from chaos. Natural herbs with oxygen element plus and omega 3 are a great solution for a good oxygen intake.