Long-Term Disability

It's very interesting to see the patterns of disability being divided into categories with respect to time. Disability has also been defined very broadly with many areas. Now, disability no longer means becoming handicapped with a broken hand or leg or becoming deaf/dumb. It also means your inability to work normally. Nothing may happen to you, but due to if you are bedridden and cannot work for sometime, you too will be considered disabled.

Many sectors of theoreticians consider maternity leave as a disability leave since the woman cannot work for her earnings during the late stage of her pregnancy.

The disability based on time is of two types – short-term disability and long- term disability. If due to accident, sickness, or any problem you cannot work for certain period of time it is called short-term disability. It covers the period of four-to-twelve weeks of time. But beyond that it becomes long-term disability.

The long-term disability is categorized based on the disabled condition. The general long-term disability encompasses a period of up to fifty two to seventy two weeks. But beyond that it is considered permanent long-term disability.

In long-term disability there is a possibility of getting the leave form your employer. But, if it exceeds the time period you are liable to get your contract canceled and take the benefits from the organization as per rules. That's because they cannot hire someone for such a long period on a temporary basis.

A long-term disability may make you bankrupt and you inability to work will bring forth financial crisis to look after your family. In that case, your financial aids are provided by the state Disability Insurance Programs or your private disability insurance policy, if you have bought one.