Long Term Disability Could Be Tough!

Every human being looks forward for a healthy life- good job, handsome salary for family, best of education facilities for his children, and self-satisfaction of doing a job well. But, there can be mis-happenings and any person can become unfit to work.

When a person is rendered inapplicable to work, due to accident or illness, and he is unable to carry out his duties for quiet a long time, such conditions are kept under long term disabilities. During such circumstances, the person is left with no income for even essential responsibilities.

Long term disability coverage can help in such instances. Long term disability insurance is a form of income protection, which provides a share of the employee's salary in the event of a long term illness or injury. To decide the amount of coverage, an individual should consider the facts and figures to maintain the present lifestyle a family has. This connotes taking into account rent or mortgage expenses, provisions and groceries, credit card bills, automobiles and other essential monthly expenses.

There are many companies who provide long term disability insurance benefit. The benefit period is different for each company, varying from 12 to 17 weeks time, until 65 years of age. The benefit portion is decided on base salary of the insured, which can be up to a maximum of two-third of monthly salary till the time the person is unable to work.

To get the benefits of this insurance, the insured has to be under check of a physician.

Many additional benefits programs may be available to append with long term disability insurance plan, depending on the person to have insured work history or what benefits his employer has provided.

With long term disability income insurance, a person can avoid depleting the savings, which he had been saving for children's education or retirement.