Learning Patterns Are Linked With Disability

Learning disability is a result of attention deficit hyperactive disorders[ADHD] disorder and learning patterns are directly proportional to disabilities. The negative patterns make your behavior rude. The person with learning disability has schizophrenia and become psychosis.

The schizophrenia patients often cry---'they will take me away'. The statement is needed to be understood. You have to see what exactly you make out from his mentally deranged mind. The person suffering from schizophrenia is subject to institutionalizing. That is the reason that this statement can be true for him. You have to teach people with schizophrenia in a different way and compassion is the best thing you can show to them.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder[ADAH] comprises of  various interruptions which tell us that learning tactics should be in harmony with symptoms. You can reduce tasks for such people to minimum level. Since these children pay attention very less and shift topics immediately while speaking, you can teach such children through special education programs. Their sensory motor skills are affected and mental retardation exists in such persons.

The child sometimes gets frustrated with special education programs and he acts on his own. He retaliates against your teaching and just becomes rebellion. It is better to handle such a child very calmly and you should not make fun of him or else problems can be many fold. It is sad that such children are left to fend for themselves in the society and even the peer group make fun of them and abuse such children. Compassion, however, is the final solution.

I had a chance to work with some of these children and thought that I was blessed. These children responded to my care in a beautiful way. Disability patterns need to be re-examined and you have to break the guideline made by society. Only then things will work in a good way. These handicapped children and adults cannot always be wrong, they require true love and compassion.