Learning Disability causing Depression

Learning disability causes depression. This problem affect millions of people. Learning disability is related to mental illness. ADHD[attention deficit hyperactive disorder] is a learning disability. This is also called auditory processing hyperactive disorder. Generally people suffering from ADHD  have speech impediments.

In ADHD, many patients fail to look after  their body and mind. They cannot cope with stress. They get depression because society calls them borderline retards. These people get emotionally scarred. This leads to further depression. This problem can also be due to childhood abuse and neglect. Other reasons are chemical imbalance and an inadequate diet. There may be  other factors involved like  lack  of education and communication or interaction with society.  Depression leads these people to a chaotic state of  mind.. It is a dangerous state.

The disabled person becomes inactive during playtime. There are suicidal tendencies in such a person and they are prone to depression. Do not take the patient for granted. The patients may resort to alcohol  and drugs in order to escape from stress.

Such patients should be handled very carefully and we need to be sensitive to their needs.

Learning disabled persons cannot cope  with common problems. They cannot cope with death and debt. It is difficult for them to survive the storm of life. Medications are used in these cases. Pills like zoloft can suppress depression but for short period only.  Some researchers call depression as an allied
inclination of insight. Some patients show  an increase in aggressive behavior.

Such patients  fail to understand that the answer is in their suffering mind itself. The mind plays tricks. The problem increases more when someone tells them that their emotions are unreal. The person suffering from such a disability should accept the fact and work towards correcting it. That is the first step. The next step is to keep an open mind and look for  potential answers.

Do not hurt the feelings of an ADHD sufferer. Be sensitive to their needs. Learn about the affliction and the methods to cope with it. Do not opt for medication every time.With a little bit of dedication you can help the ADHD patient to overcome their problems.