Learning Disabilities Have Been Exaggerated?

When child shows lack of interest in a particular subject, teachers think it is a disability. The teacher should adopt various techniques to make child learn and he should understand that child is going through many changes. Learning disabilities have been exaggerated beyond limit.

Many children have problems of memory and forget in a short span, they cannot comprehend reading. If the child stumbles at a new word, he can go back to it again to understand and learn. Some children are unable to speak in classrooms and all these are a learning inability. As the child lacks in certain area which may result in various problems, the teacher has to judge his linguistic skills in learning. Linguistics refer to subject of languages and dialects. However, it is difficult for everyone to learn as per a particular linguistic standard.

Learning disabilities have become over-dramatized in today‚Äôs society. The reason is that if we want exact accuracy, then everyone is disabled in one way or the other. Teachers tend to treat disabled children as babies while, generally, teacher treats a child in a regular manner. If treated harshly, the child becomes a rebel. Many children are sent to special education schools as they do not get sympathetic treatment in ordinary schools. These special education schools have, however, their own drawbacks. They force children to learn on a set level. And when the normal children join mentally retarded children in special education set up, they adopt this atmosphere and become a failure in society in the end.  

There is a problem of inconsistency in special education centers. Sometimes to make them fall in line, the children are confined in these centers. The child may get psychosis and has phobia in a locked room. There is a possibility that the child may learn harmful tactics. So, it is for the interest of both children not to mix normal and retarded children in one class. The normal child might call him names and his condition could become even worse. Research suggests that home schooling is best for a retarded child. Some parents do not like this idea simply because they cannot take time off from their busy schedule. For positive results, you need to sacrifice your precious time. Public schools are worse for a disabled child, educate them at home.