Journal Of Learning Disability

The problem of learning about disability is a worldwide phenomenon and an area of huge medical research. And subsequently there are many journals which brings to print the recent research and breakthroughs occurring in the field.

Learning disability practice is one such medical journal which used worldwide to enhance understanding of learning disability. It publishes current medical articles by the various experts on the issue. The area is also a site for lots of academic debate about the way in which treatment and perception of the medical problem has been identified so far. There is also a scholarly association known as Society for Disability Studies, which hosts annual conferences to exchange views and research logistics. All the members are experts on various kinds of learning disabilities and they also run another journal called Disability Studies Quarterly.

This magazine publishes the articles which are outcome of the meetings and discussions of its various members. It runs online and people who are not members of this society can also can subscribe through its e-links. This society was found in 1982 and currently functions in the United States which is the hub of research of this issue.

There are also journals which also have detailed information and instructions about the nursing of the patients suffering from learning disability. This is a vital part of the treatment procedure of this problem. As the subject is of interdisciplinary nature, a number of medical sociologists also are engaged in probing the social relations which the existence of such disability produces in a society. This also becomes a vital social marker of the character of a society.

There is also a section devoted to the issue of learning disability in the journal of American Sociological Association under the heading of Medical Sociology.