Identifying Depression: A Mental Disability

Disability afflicts humanity in many ugly forms. It can affect human beings physically as well as mentally. And both forms have an equally retarding effect on the life of a person. Wherein, the plight of a person suffering from mental disability seems to be even more saddening. His brain stops coordinating with the body and he is unable to do his day to day tasks as well.

Depression is one such mental disability. It takes away all the zeal from a person’s life and lands him up in a state of limbo.

What is depression?
There are many ways in which you can define the word depression. For different people it means different things. But medically it is defined as a state in which a person loses interest in most of the activities that he used to enjoy earlier. He becomes a lifeless object with no zeal and no excitement in life. Such a person eventually sinks into the pit of loneliness and oblivion.

What causes depression?
Depression is predominantly a lifestyle disorder disability. With growing pressure on an individual from all aspects of life, be it home, workplace or the social circle, a person slowly and steadily falls in its trap. If not given attention at the right time, the person becomes a victim of this disability. Lifestyle and its pressure are vital phenomena so there is no escape from it. Due to this, increasingly more and more people are being pulled in its garb.

What are the symptoms of depression?
A person suffering form depression remains sad throughout the day. He suffers from low self-esteem. Depressed people love to live in isolation. They may cry for hours, for no reason in particular. People afflicted with depression are generally full of negativity and look at their future as stark dark.

You can easily recognize a victim of depression. His whole body language will give signs of him being a loser. The sad part about all this is that the person who is suffering from this type of disability may not be even aware of his own condition.

Besides, there are other symptoms as well. Irregular sleep is also common. The pateint will either keep awake the whole night or will wake up at regular constant intervals. There are even chances that a person will sleep the whole day and be awake the whole night. A depression afflicted person will find it unable to concentrate on any type of work. And this affects almost all the areas of his life.

A child suffering from depression will remain secluded from the rest of the children and would prefer to stay in the house rather than going out and playing with the other children. He would refuse to go to school and would not find interest in the general activities that normal children do. He will remain irritated and will throw unnecessary tantrums.

All this negative mental development taking place in an individual suffering from depression at times can also make him suffer due to various body pains.