How To Deal With Children With Multiple Disabilities

Disability in a child may not be of a single origin. That is, a child may not have a single kind of disability. He or she may experience and have many disabilities within him. This phenomenon is called multiple disabilities.

The multiple disabilities have no theories and formulas to show its vulnerability on a child. You can never predict and systematize one child’s multiple disabilities with another child’s disabilities. The characteristics of children with multiple disabilities will show different aspects and natures. For example, a child with multiple disabilities may have the following kinds- autism, lame, behavioral disorder, weak eyesight and low development of brain. While the other may have autism, but he may not necessarily be lame. He may have other physical weakness; may be he is slightly deaf rather than having weak eyesight.

The children with multiple disabilities will show a combination of disabilities. One of the very common combinations of multiple disabilities is: speech, learning, physical mobility, visual, mental retardation, brain injury, hearing, and alike. Besides these multiple disabilities, they may also have behavior disorders, sensory loss and social interaction problems. Generally children with multiple disabilities are also called “multiple exceptionalities”. The severity of these disabilities also varies from case to case.

What can be done to tackle the multiple disabilities?

It is always necessary to act faster the moment the child starts showing the characteristics of the duplex disabilities. They must be taken to the respective therapists for the correction of disorders. There are rehab programs for children with many disabilities in them. The classroom of the schools must meet all the physical needs of the child so that they can accommodate themselves easily.

Interaction with other children is very important for the development of the personality, behavior and nature of the child as it increases the positive attitude of the social behavior. It is necessary to take them to doctors and therapists for early treatments which will possibly reduce the impact of disability in them and they may also improve conditions many folds.