Handicapped Sportsmen

People generally want to participate in some kind of sport not only to stay fit but also  to enjoy the game.  Disabled or handicapped  individuals cannot have the pleasure of doing so as in many cases they are physically incapable of doing so.

A number of organizations are working hard in implementing various kinds of sports meant for the handicapped. The North Carolina general assembly and Widlife Resources Commission have worked together to expand the opportunities for disabled individuals. They have created facilities for the handicapped and encouraged them to participate in various outdoor activities  like fishing and hunting.

Keeping up with the spirit of Americans, a number of measures have been taken to provide reasonable access and opportunities for angling and hunting.

North Carolina has one of the most successful programs in the US for handicapped sportsmen. This program helps the handicapped to have an access to gaming and fishing areas and  permitting the use of specially designed equipment.

A number of programs came have been started for helping handicapped sportsmen and all these programs have several objectives of their own.

Examples of some of these programs are given below

Crossbow hunting permit- This program permits a disabled individual to draw and use a crossbow or other legal bows. The individual disabled are not charged any fee for participating.  However the disability should be long term and the result of an injury that cannot be overcome with exercise. The  disability must prevent the individual from drawing a 15 inch bow with 45 pounds of pull force and holding it at a reduced pull force of 16 pounds for five seconds.

The North Florida Handicapped Sportsmen is another organization that is devoted to enabling the disabled to enjoy  outdoor activity like fishing and  hunting.  The main aim of this organization is to lay stress on ability and not disability.

Various other sports can also be played by the handicapped sportsmen. Examples are  volley ball, archery, open or black forest hunting.

It is very important to let handicapped and disabled individuals to participate in outdoor sports and activities.