Handicap Women Could Be Taken Advantage Of!

Biologically, men and women are different in several ways. Therefore the problems faces by handicapped women are also different from thiose faced by men. Though, the handicap conditions may be the same. Like men, women can also be afflicted by various types of disabilities like mental disability, physical disability, and sensitive disability and so on.

The problems suffered by a women suffering from some kind of disability depend on the nature of the disability. The condition of the disability determines the vulnerability leading to problems being faced by handicap women.

The first and foremost problem faced by women with mental disability is protection of chastity, menstruation, marriage, conceiving and many such conditions. The mentally retarded women can easily become the victim of lustrous miscreants. Since they are not aware of certain things, they may have problems relating to safety of menstruation periods and other areas of concern for a woman. She might also have to remain at her parents home throughout her life since there would rarely be guys willing to marry her. Even if she gets married at all, she might have problem while conceiving.

Handicap women have to face other problems too. Many feminist organizations are demanding more disability rights for their sustenance.

These women are always subjected to violation and there are so many evil elements in the society that they might take the opportunity of the handicap state of women and exploit them. Thus, it’s not only about a mentally retarded woman, but women having respective disabilities face specific problems which they cannot disclose to the caretakers or others. We need to understand them and act accordingly so that they too can lead a peaceful life.