Government Resources For Information On Disability Related Policies

Disability is a restrictive condition that prevents a number of people from leading normal lives. Physical and other disabilities often result in handicaps that results in people becoming non-productive and in need of financial assistance and moral support.

According to US government sources, the number of people with a long lasting condition that could be classified as a disability in the year 2002 was above 50 million. Out if this population, 32 million people or 11 per cent of the total population had a severely restrictive disability.

To support the disabled, a comprehensive online resource called the was launched in response to an executive memorandum issued by the president of America Mr. George W. Bush.

DisabilityInfo.Gov is managed by the US department of labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). It works to uplift the disabled by working on issues such as civil rights, education, housing and employment that are the immediate concerns for the disabled people in the US.

A few of the major areas that are the focus of the Federal government are as follows.

-Benefits and grants
The foremost function of this organization is to provide funds, loans, and financial assistance to disabled people.

-Jobs and education
It is also one of the functions of this institute to provide suitable jobs and free education to handicapped people.

- Health Care & Benefits
The federal government provides sufficient means by which the disabled can avail of affordable health care and benefit from health insurance coverage.

- Housing Benefits
One of the primary purposes of the American with disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair housing Act is to provide public housing schemes for the benefit of the disabled.

This resource is a valuable means of getting to know about America’s strategy and policy initiatives in providing rehabilitation to its disabled. In case you have any queries in this context, this is the source that will help to clarify them.