Disabilities And Air Travel Tips

Everyone likes to travel by air and enjoy the ride. What happens if you are handicapped or suffering from a disability? A disabled person is deprived of  certain joys in life traveling, roaming around and lots more.  Traveling by air is indeed a challenge for the disabled.!.

Air travel for the disabled is not a very easy activity.  There are certain tips to be followed by the disabled to make their air travel safer, easier  and enjoyable. Whenever you are making ticket reservations always make a request for carts, wheelchairs or any other disabled friendly accessories. It is a very good idea to describe your conditions, shortcomings and needs completely and honestly. Have your boarding pass and the airline ticket ready in advance in order to avoid standing in long lines.

Avoid the headaches of last minute traveling. Plan your trips in advance to the maximum extent possible. Avail of discounts by getting  the best travel deals.

Some other useful Dos and Don’ts

Do ask the screener to help you in taking off or putting on your shoes. Ask for shoehorns or be sure to carry one with you.

Do ask family members should provide necessary suggestions and advice to enable screening of the disabled individual.

Do contact the airlines in advance to know the facilities they provide in terms of wheelchairs, oxygen supplies and such.

Do discuss with the screener your physical capabilities and limitations before a security check or a pat down procedure.

Do check with your doctor about precautions to be taken with regards to either internal or external medical implants.

Ensure that hand-wanded or the metal detectors are safe.  In case you are not comfortable with the metal detector then ask for the full body pat down.

Ask the screener for changing their gloves before starting the  hand-wanding or full body pat down procedure. This will help in containing germs from spreading. The screener should be informed about the sensitive areas of your body to prevent any inadvertent damage.

If you are disabled and are planning to fly, then following these tips and planning your trip in advance will ensure you a safe, smooth and stress free journey.