Disabilities- A Part Of Human Existence

Not every human is normal! A person who is unable to perform one or more activities, required in everyday life is stated as disable. There is wide controversy in determining the exact nature of disabilities. Several individuals and groups are affianced in presenting a universally accepted definition of ‘disability’.

According to medical considerations, the conditions that make it difficult or unfeasible to read, speak, or write, mental infirmity, or epilepsy, comes under disabilities. The person is impaired to carry our normal social obligations due to his disabilities. As approached by social contemplation, disability is not on medical grounds, but the social barriers that keep an individual from equal access to all practices and policies.

Disabilities can be of numerous types:

* Physical disability, resulting in no or restricted mobility due to arthritis, paralysis or Parkinson’s disease.

* Visual impairment, which encompasses blindness, cataract, color blindness, or low vision.

* Other physical disabilities include hearing injury, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, or any body organ failure.

* Mental disability includes learning disorder, phobias (agoraphobia, acrophobia etc.), anxiety, or even depression.

* Other disabilities comprise alcoholism, drugs, or senility.

Whatever may be the case of disabilities, it is frequently seen that such persons are discriminated from the rest: be it in an educational institution, work place, or entertainment zones. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) provides certain guidelines to protect the rights and enforces duties tagged along by workplace management. This Act applies for employers and the ‘disabled’ employees, to do job on same platform by adjustments and needful support. It lays emphasis on working out flexible ways; hence all are benefited from it.

Certain ways in which individuals can give their share of help are:

* Supporting programs for rehabilitation of disabled personnel’s.

* Help in the development and easy availability of disable assistant devices, such as wheel chairs, hearing aids, etc, to the needful.

* Strengthening joint ventures for benefit of disabled people’s organization.