Different Disability Types

Disability is malfunctioning of a vital organ or part of the body which restricts the person's normal functioning in day to day life. It can be dysfunction of eyes, ears, legs or hands or even mind. Disabled person struggles to overcome this shortcoming which keeps restricting him. The physically able and sound people can consider themselves as blessed ones.

The disability is not restricted to one form, it has several forms limiting the naturally gifted independence of a person.   Let’s know about some of the major disabilities.

Eyesight Disability
It is called visual impairment which may be by birth, through accident, muscular degeneration or cataracts. Vision impairment can be treated by medicines and therapies though impairments caused by birth or accident are less likely to cure.

Hearing Disability
This too can be by birth or due to inheritance. In some cases extremely high frequency sound waves too cause hearing disability. This disability may occur in one ear or both, yet there are hearing aids available and hence it can help in overcoming this disability.

Mobility Disability
This disability restricts one's physical movement, say body movement. Paralysis of legs, hands, or the whole body come under mobility disability. There are persons who have become disabled in an accident and as such are regarded as mobility disability.

Through the advancement of technology many sophisticated tools have been manufactured such as electric wheelchair, strollers or artificial limbs Though some of the advanced equipments are expensive, there are cheap equipments too available providing more or less the same facilities.

Cognitive Disability
This disability hampers clear thoughts in the mind and provide reluctance to conceptualization. This disability exhibits problems in comprehending any new idea or opinion
finding solutions and refrain a person from learning. Even if the person understands or learns something, this disability will bar the person to retain it for a long time.

Being disabled never means isolation from outside world. Though it apparently reduces the competence in people, there have been people exemplary, achieving such goals that a able man fails to achieve. It is a fact. Disabled person needs more courage and determination than an ordinary man, but when they act according to their conviction, they manipulate the outside world according to their will