Definition Of Learning Disability

Learning disability
Learning disability is defined as several disorders affecting the academics and normal functioning of life of a person including problem to read, write, learn, listen and speak, organize information. It’s due to the Central Nervous System Dysfunction.

It can occur concurrently with some of the common disablements such as mental retardation, sensory impairments or environmental influences but it is not a consequence of any of these.

There may be several other definitions of learning disability, it is due to the interdisciplinary approach in the study of learning disability.

However, there is some common ground where few things are unanimously agreed upon :
Bad impact on academics. A person possessing learning disability confronts problems in achieving good results in academics. Ambiguities exist between a person’s potentiality to learn and what he actually learns.
LD is not a result of mental retardation or any environmental influence such as directional, emotional.
It does not have a good impact on academics including problem in mathematics.

Some of the frequent misconceptions that widely prevail in the society are:
a) Learning Disability occurs due to low IQ.
In realty it is not so. Some LD sufferers have a good intelligence level. The problem comes when they find themselves unable to learn exactly what their IQ suggests.
A LD sufferer often loses his/her self confidence and there fore, find himself/herself reluctant to perform/conduct well.

b) Learning Disability sufferers are lazy.
It is yet another wrong notion widely prevailing in society that the LD sufferers basically suffers from mental low processing. Many of them do not succeed in recalling the information at right time, due to the low processing speed of mind. Despite LD sufferers having been hard working, they do not get the desired output.

c) Learning Disability sufferers do not work rightly
It is absolutely false notion. A sufferer may be bad in arts or aesthetics but he may be genius in computers. It is also applicable on every normal human being that he cannot be good at each and every thing. Or we can say it is not possible to achieve absolute perfection in even a single thing. These are the well established challenges for human beings which are yet to be conquered. So why to blame a Learning Disability sufferer.