Defining Disability

I was going through a leading magazine's reader woes section. There were many issues concerning reader’s problems. A mother was worried about her two year, who could not speak. Another man was bothered for his child who had water phobia. These are two of the cases, but majority of people are facing some or the other type of trouble. In broader sense, the cases are of disability.

The condition in which the person becomes incapable of performing normal daily life functions is termed as ‘disability’. This includes mental or physical impairment that substantially restricts one or more major life activities, such as, moving around, seeing, learning, working, performing manual tasks, speaking, and hearing.

The United Nations has proclaimed December 3 as International Day of People with Disability. Since 1992, it is celebrated every year. It was established to encourage the disable through spreading awareness: on disability issues and the abilities of people with a disability.

Disability is found widespread in all age groups. But if disability is seen in children and youth, it affects his education and learning. The area of learning disability is quite large. The learning disability is intrinsic to individual. It is supposed to spring out due to some nervous system dysfunction, which may even continue throughout life. Learning disability may be concomitant with other disabilities related to eyes, ears, or even mind.

Raising a child with learning disability is not an easy task. It is an eye-opening experience, as each ‘disabled’ child has special talent. To identify and make them excel in whatever talent they possess, is not a simple chore.

Children and youth with learning disabilities have to be handled with extra care. It is found that when such individuals are encouraged to pursue their goal in life, they do succeed. Such individuals should be encouraged to develop self-knowledge, understanding their legal rights and duties against any discrimination, and fight for right cause, if injustice happens to them.