Children With Learning Disabilities Are The Blessed Ones

Learning disability is a state of mind and people with learning disabilities are considered to be blessed ones. They have a lot of information to offer you. Learning, in technical terms, is called curve scheming against practice. When you learn, you practice what you teach.

There is a popular perception that when a person suffers from learning disorders, you think that the person cannot cope with life. However, if you go back with history, you will find a lot of people with learning disabilities have created history in the world. Albert Einstein had learning disability and became a genius. Einstein rejected the school teachings and eventually dropped out later gave information that is foundation of all science and technology. The people with mental disorders may be able to make the world a new place. John Nash is one another example of mental disorder and became a genius. He later got Nobel Prize.

The schools need to change their ways. They should single out children with potential disabilities, this process will separate these children from mentally ill. The schools should also consider children from migrant homes as they are neglected and become nomads. You should analyze learning deformity by checking the requirements.

These requirements are----

1]The school should check orthopedic grievance patterns of the child. These patterns are in harmony with the code of ethnics.
2]You have people of different lifestyles. You can draw a specific line of ethnicity.
3]The people with deformity come from different cultures and backgrounds and when they interact with new people and system, more problems occur. Proper steps have to be taken.
 4]You have to understand things in a deep way. Don't force children to stand in the morning for longer period of time and make them pay allegiance to American flag. Don't force them to a religious path. Compulsions will create problems for them.
5] Do not force child to ethnic code as it will only mess his life. He will not be able to come out of deformity.
6] Ethnic code resembles some form of Judaism. You cannot force a child to follow your doctrine by thrust.
7]Make disabled child learn what he thinks best. Do not come in the way of his beliefs in case they help him or her. Let him set his goals in case his beliefs are not harmless to others.
8]Check whether the child is reaching the goals.
9]Environment matters. In case the goals are not touched, check environment factor.

The children with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder] are blessed ones. Care for them. They may prove to be jewels of new age.