Breaking Down The Walls Of Complexity

You have the ability to see, hear, smell, and touch from the day you were born. God has given you the power to relate to the people around you. The new-born baby senses his mother. In fact, the baby senses the mother in the womb. The baby can sense whether the mother is sad, happy, depressed, or tense. The walls of complexity itself break with time.

The child behaves in an irrational way, if the mother has bipolar disabilities. If the father is alcoholic, the child can drink, in case his emotions are hurt. The child can believe happiness is a curse under such conditions. The direction of the child depends on the early observations. This does not mean the child did not have proper facilities.

The reason is he was brought up in an atmosphere where he felt a sort of vacuum deep inside. Everyone in this life has suffered at one point of time, or the other. If the child gets a proper start, he can learn rules that can make him happy. His mentor will teach him those rules. The child will remove irrational thinking. Irrational thinking is harmful.

The child becomes unhappy when mom cries. The child gets stress when dad goes out of control. Dad becomes happy under artificial mechanism. The child knows that such happiness is a fake. The child needs new mentors. He wants a new life. He wants to change his beliefs. He wants to break complex walls. He wants to come out of the learning disability.

I have a story. A child grew up in poverty. He had paranoid schizophrenia. He was brought up by a woman whose husband had left her. The mother told the child boys are better than the girls. The child carried this feeling for long. She also told that child wastes time of parents.

The father told the child not to be too much happy. The child was afraid to show emotional happiness to father. The child lost his individuality, beliefs, and thoughts. Besides this, the child was also taught education has no real value. It was true to some extent, as far as national educational association is concerned.

This child became a rebel. He got learning disabilities. He observed teachers, political, and religious leaders. The above paragraph helps you know the true meaning of effective learning. The first step to achieve this is to break the walls of complexity.