ADHD And Learning Disabilities

You cannot focus when the mind is confused. ADD [attention deficit disorder] is a common learning disability throughout the world. You cannot focus on a single task in the case of ADHD. You find it very difficult to hear in ADHD. ADHD people have short tension spans. They forget easily.

Persons with ADHD become careless. They suffer losses. They have the loss of property.  They lack concentration. These cases are hyperactive. They cannot stay at one place at a time. They are interruptive and hurt people sentiments. The reason is they do not know what to speak. These people lose the balance of mind. Such people do not have hand and eye coordination. This creates learning disability in the person.

You need special tactics to make these people learn in accordance with their ability. The doctors prescribe Ritalin and Adderall to cases with ADHD. But, these medications work to only a certain level. They have side effects which are harmful.

Canada, in fact, has passed a law against prescription of Adderall XR. Law was implemented due to death reports. And, the sale of this drug was banned in Canada. But, the drug is used throughout world to treat ADHD even today.

Natural herbs are better than drug prescription. They are safer. They increase ability in ADHD case. Flavay TM is a common natural herb. It is a safe drug. It increases mental alertness. The concentration power increases. It contains vitamin C,E and zinc. Vitamin E makes fat cell membranes healthy. Vitamin C increases selenium in the body. Zinc has been added to this drug.

ADHD individuals lack fatty acids and zinc. These elements are important for healthy mind. Spectrient and omega 3 are another herbs. Fish oils are important for ADHD cases.

I look back at the growing years of my son. He became inconsistent in studies. He got ADHD in youth. It lasted for a long time. Studies say the disorder is genetic. I prove it wrong because my son got ADHD at 14+. He showed no signs before this. My son praises me because I stood with him in difficult times. Actually, my son became victim of oppositional defiance disorder.

After thorough diagnosis, my son showed antisocial disorder. The diagnose also included psychopathic tendencies. Sometimes, I even took law in hand to control my child. After experience, I say if you control central nervous system of ADHD case, you have won the battle. Sadly, research has yet not found the complete solution to tackle central nervous system.