You Can Avail Of Disability Benefits With The Planner!

The word disability can be defined in two aspects. A person who is disabled by birth and the other is the one who has become disabled, later in his life due to some misfortune . The federal government spends huge amount on the different disability benefits programs which are meant to provide financial assistance for medical checkup, rehabilitation programs, disability assistive devices and to support sustenance.

Under the disability benefits programs, there are mainly two programs. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance and the other is Supplemental Security Income. Both the programs are different in many aspects yet they are administered and controlled by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The Social Security Disability Insurance pays the disability benefits to one of his related family members based on the insured program. That also depends on the amount of Social Security Taxes he or she has paid through out the employment.  Once a person applies for the disability benefits, a disability planner will assist you to explain all the types of the benefits that are available. Then come the process of qualification and selecting those who also get the benefits on the earning record of the person. The planner will explain every detail and thus you would be requireed to fulfill all the formalities to get the benefits.

The other one Supplemental Security Income provides the disability benefits based on the financial assistance the person needs at the time of check up or rehabilitation programs. This is funded by general taxes revenues and is meant for aged, disabled people with little or no income at all, blind and other handicapped ones. The program supports the people with cash amount to meet their needs of food, shelter and clothing.

Thus, these are the two aspects of getting disability benefits from the federal government. There are other private programs too and you only get them when you have paid the premiums and meet their criteria.