What Is Social Security Disability Income

SSDI or the Social Security Disability Income as it is officially known is the benefit that is given to people who become disabled before the age of 65 and are rendered unable to work. This is a long term benefit scheme with the benefits extending up to 65 years of age where forth the benefits morph from the social security disability income to the standard social security benefit for the senior citizens.

Not only just retirement benefits
The social security benefits are not just for the retired. People who are born with a physical disability or people who became handicapped while in the course of work are also among the largest beneficiary group. According to the latest figures available the people who are physically challenged form at least 18% of the beneficiaries of social security. This means that of all the social security disbursements made by United States Department of the Treasury, 18% were made in the form of Social Security Disability Income for the handicapped of the dependents thereof.

Help for the disabled of all ages
The Social Security Disability Income is a concept that does not differentiate beneficiaries on the basis of their being too young or too old. According to the latest SSDI information available, 91% of these benefits are going to people who are aged between 21 to 64. Moreover the families of such people (primarily direct dependents) are also covered in case the current disability turns into a long term disability.

Some Statistics
Current information reveals that in year 2009, the United States and various state governments will disburse a total of $672 billion to almost 51 million Americans. Of these, there are 33 million retired workers who will get a total of $38.3 billion, with an average of approximately $1159 per month per beneficiary. In addition to this figure an approximate of $1.7 billion will be disbursed to 2.9 million dependents.

For the disabled workers, a total of $8 billion will be disbursed among about 7.6 million beneficiaries with an average of $1062 per month per beneficiary. The dependents of such workers numbering 1.8 million will receive from a total of $0.6 billion. In addition to this, there will be Survivor Benefits of a total of $6.3 billion. These will be distributed among 6.4 million people at an average of $1118 per month, per beneficiary.

It must be understood that the Social Security Disability Income, despite its name, is not a long term solution in most cases. With advances in medical sciences, regular efforts are made by Social Security department to help people get back to work or to find work that the beneficiaries can undertake without having to go through any considerable difficulty.