What Are The Types Of Disability Protection Under Social Security?

To ensure that most of the people who become disabled or are not impacted by someone close to them becoming disabled, the United States Social Security Administration has defined seven different types of disability protection. The seven are as discussed below.

Monthly disabled worker cash benefits
There is a provision of monthly cash benefits for the person who has become disabled or for the appropriate members of the family. These are known as the 'Disability Insurance Benefits' or in some cases the "Disabled Worker's Benefits". These are the most common kind of benefit, available to most of the people under the scheme.

Supplemental Security Income
There is a provision of providing monthly cash benefits to people who are either disabled (not because of work), people who are blind or people who are generally qualified as needy. This is termed as the Supplementary Security Income. Although administered by US Social Security Administration, the pay-ments are made from the coffers of United States Government directly.

Establishment of a period of disability
Another provision is that of the establishment of a period of disability for a person who was disabled on the job or due to any work related activity. Please note that this does not include the time while the benefits are still being decided. It is a great way to protect against the income loss or reduction as well as loss or reduction in retirement benefits from insurance.

Monthly cash benefits for surviving spouse
The benefit of a monthly cash grant is available in case of disabled surviving spouse and in some cases, divorced one as well. These benefits are only available in case of the person who survives would be eligible for a widow(er)'s insurance.

Monthly cash benefits for a disabled child
If a child of worker is disabled, there is a provision of that child being entitled to the benefits which would have gone to the worker who was insured but has just died. The benefits start at the time the disabled child reaches the age of 18 and from that point onwards are payable till the child qualifies as disabled.

Vocational rehabilitation and other support services
The Social Security Administration makes provision for rehabilitating a disabled worker. This is to ensure that the worker can find a suitable employment and become a useful member of the society. It includes support in multiple forms starting from assistance in finding a job.

Medical Support
There is a provision by Social Security administration to provide appropriate and affordable health care services to people who are receiving disability benefits. This kind of benefit is primarily provided under the Medicare and Medicaid schemes, though some additional schemes are available in different states as well.