To Receive Benefits Get Your Disability Status Reviewed

While providing disability benefits, the Social Security Administration takes into consideration the extent of hindrance which the disability creates in discharging an economically productive activity. At the time of awarding the disability benefits, a team of medical and vocational experts determine whether to go in favor of the case or against it. They also review the case from time to time.

Reviewing Disability Status- The Objective
The objective of asking for a timely review of the disability status is to incur less pressure on the expenses of the federal government while also redirecting these to those who most need them. Hence, a timely review of the status of disability is undertaken by the Social Security Administration. Those who receive disability benefits are asked to get their disability status reviewed so that the extent of extending their benefits can be determined.

The Frequency of the Disability Review
Any disability other than a permanent one is put up for review after a period of time. This time interval is determined by the nature and extent of injury suffered and how long would it take for it to heal.

Usually, the frequency of the review is determined right at the time of awarding disability benefits. The time period is indicated in the award of the disability benefits. It can be categorized into three broad categories.

* No Improvement Expected: If the disability is not likely to improve, a review may take place once every 5 to 7 years.

* Improvement Possible: if it is indicated by medical experts that improvement might be possible in your case, then a review of your disability takes place every 3 years.

* Improvement Expected: If this is what medical experts have indicated in their report then the medical review may take place once every 6 to 18 months.

The Disability Review- What to Expect?
A letter is first sent to you informing you of the pending medical review. Subsequently, a representative from the local Social Security office gives you a call informing you of the review process and the appeal process challenging the Social Security Administration decision. You might also be asked information regarding your medical treatment and whether you worked in the meanwhile.

After that an examination of your disability from a disability examiner would be conducted at the expense of the state. The findings of the examination would be reviewed by a team of medical and vocational experts and they would then decide whether to continue giving you disability benefits.

What If My Disability Benefits Are Withdrawn?
There are legal provisions allowing you to challenge the decision of the review committee. However, if you wish to accept the findings then you may indicate so and within the next three months your disability benefits would be withdrawn.