The Process Of Disability Claims

When you become disabled due an  accident during your working tenure, you are entitled to governmental monetary benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Claiming and getting the benefit of social security monetary assistance is usually a long and intricate process.

There are many steps involved in the process. There may be many different ways to go about it, but the first step is invariably the same in all cases. The first step involves filing for your claim for disability benefits.

Most of the social security disability claims are submitted through local offices. These local offices are found in every state and all the major cities. Many small towns may also have local disability offices. Disability benefits claims can also be filed online at the SSA site.

There are usually two modes of filing disability claims. You can do it either by visiting your local SSA office and submitting your application or you can file an application online. In case of any questions, you can dial the toll free numbers for assistance.

You are required to fill up a form in which you have to describe the type and extent of your disability. In addition, you have to mention the source or medical service provider whom you have approached in connection with your disability. These are very important, as your chances of availing the benefits considerably depend on this information.

The jurisdiction of the field office does not include the medical aspects associated with the claimant’s disability. These offices look into the matters which are of general importance like age, marital status, and economic condition prior to being disabled etc. Then the case is forwarded to the office of disability determination service (DDS).

The DDS determines the chances based on the records of the medical sources provided by the claimant. These sources do not suffice at times. Then the DDS resorts to a comprehensive examination of the claimant to determine whether he or she really stands a chance. After that the file is sent back to the local offices for appropriate measures.

The local offices then sort out the finer details and once the amount deserved by the claimant is fixed, the process of payment begins.