SSA Disability Programs

The SSA deals with various aspects related to disability benefits. There are two programs which the SSA has under its administration to pay disability benefits. These two programs are the social security disability insurance and the supplemental security income program.

Who qualifies for these programs?

To qualify for these benefits the SSA has strict definition of disability. It is these stringent criteria of disability which makes it difficult for one to successfully claim disability benefits. These criteria are generally regarding impairment and age.

SSA disability and impairment:

As regards impairment, it contains provisions for both physical and mental affectations. To receive benefits, the SSA lays down certain conditions. These conditions are that if an adult is to receive disability benefits, the physical or mental impairment is expected to last for 12 months or is fatal in nature. Moreover due to this impairment be it physical or mental you are not able to do the work you were doing before you became disabled, nor can you carry other productive work. That is, the nature of impairment is such that it is grave enough to prevent you from doing any substantial gainful work.

List of impairments:

The SSA has a list of impairments which are of such a severe nature that if your impairment is listed you are automatically defined as disabled. If this is not so, the SSA decides if your disablement is severe enough.

SSA disability and other factors:

The other factors considered by SSA while determining your ability to work are your age, education, work-experience, condition of your health, transferable skills and income. The SSA is proposing to raise the eligibility of age for disability benefits. However, this is going to adversely affect people of advanced age with limited education and skills. The amount of money to be received depends on your social security earnings record. Certain specified family members can also receive a monthly check under certain conditions.