Social Security Disability Policy For Step Children

We generally categorize all the social security disability benefits under two main headings- SSDI and SSI. The incomes from both the divisions are different in many aspects and take into consideration many things. The first is basically meant for those who have become disabled during their working period of life, while the later one is meant for old age people, people who have congenital disabilities, are poor and disabled etc.

The first one is the main source of income for most of the Americans with disabilities. Social Security Disability Insurance pays the amount as disability benefits to one and his dependent family members based on the insured program. That benefits are counted on the amount of Social Security Taxes one pays and the tenure of his service. Once a you apply for the disability benefits, a disability planner will assist you in explaining all the types of the benefits that are available. The planner will explain every detail and thus you would need the fulfillment of all the qualities to get the benefits. Under this benefits also comes the child support program. IF the child is biologically yours, then you need go through the critical process of laws for drawing the income meant for his support. But if the child is your step child that is from your spouse's ex-husband/wife you may need to approach for the social security disability policy for step children.

The benefits under social security disability policy for step children are given in many considerations. When you marry and have a family with your step children, it will be seen whether the child is receiving any benefits from the divorced parent or not, is it you who will bear all the expenses of his education and rearing, the statements of your spouse and many things will be taken into consideration. Over all benefits are given to step child but its not so easy to get them.