Family Benefits Of Social Security Disability Policy

Social security disability policy for family benefits aims to facilitate disability benefits to the family members if they fulfill the condition laid down by the American Disability Administration. Disability benefits may be given to spouse, divorced spouse, children and disabled children. The amount given to the family member of the disabled may be up to 50 percent of the amount given to the handicap on a monthly basis. The maximum amount given to the family members can go up to 180 percent but not more than that because there is a statutory limit on the amount to be given to the family members of the deceased. In other words, if the total amount given to the family is more than the limit, the amount going to them will go down. If the spouse of the disabled individual wants to apply for the disability benefits, the ADA requires her to furnish details such as her Social Security Number, Date of Birth and the marriage proof.

She can receive benefit if she is 62 or older but her benefit may get reduced if she is already getting it. She can also get the benefit at any age if she takes care of a child who is below the age 16. If the child reaches 16, his benefits will be stopped. If the spouse is also being paid under the Social Security Benefits, she will keep getting it and if the amount goes higher than that of her husband, she will get the combination of both the amount but it should be equal to the higher amount.

The ex- spouse is also eligible to get the disability benefits if her marriage with is at least 10 years old, she is 62 years of age and has not married any more. If she is found eligible for the benefit her children may also qualify for the benefit. And for that they should be lower than 18 years of age, should be a regular student and also handicapped prior to 22 years of age.