Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance

A welfare state does everything for its citizens and they try their best to keep the people content and safe. The United States is one of the leading welfare states in the world. And when the matter is of disabled people, it has framed laws and ordinances most favorable for them. Every possible step has been taken to give the disabled financial security.

The most difficult thing for a disabled person is to earn an income for sustenance. Due to disability, they cannot work and may be exempted from every kind of work. For such people, the state has a financial assistance program called the Social Security.

The Social Security has basically two programs for providing financial assistance to the disabled people. One is called the Social Security Disability Insurance and the other is called Social Security Income.

The SSDI is meant for those working with the state or other such organizations. Whatever may be their job profile, they need to pay taxes to the fund of state for Social Security. The taxes are actually like premiums of insurances. During the working period, if a person becomes disabled by misfortune, then he or she is entitled to receive the Social Security Disability Insurance. Under this, he is paid 60% of his weekly wages every week as disability financial support of benefits.

The income of the person depends on the tenure of his work. And, he must have worked for at least five years or more and must have paid the taxes to the government. Only then, he is eligible for the disability funds. The benefits also depend on the amount of his income and the tax paid.