Social Security Disability Income For Individuals

Each individual in this world earns his/ her livelihood but what if an individual is not able to work and earn anything? This may happen if the individual is suffering from disability. The question is that what will be the source of income for the individual after he has been attacked by the disability? Well a disability insurance policy would here come in to play.

There are various organizations and programs available that provide the source of income for the disabled. One such program is the supplemental security income. It provides monthly benefits to the disabled people. The amount of the benefits depends upon the state in which you live. Various requirements are needed to be fulfilled to qualify for the supplemental security income apart from the resource tests. Supplement Security Income does not count various factors while deciding about providing benefits. Some of the factors are:

- Initial $20 of income getting in the month.
- Initial $65 you earn from working a month and half of anything above $65.
- Other private organizations providing shelter
- Home energy help

By getting supplemental security income, you would also get some help from your state or country like getting medical aids, food stamps or other services. Also, you could avail the benefits by opting for social security disability insurance as it would pay monthly cash benefits to the disabled people who cannot work for a year or more. To be able to qualify for the benefits, you must have worked in jobs covered by social security. Also, your medical condition should meet the disability definition of the Social Security Administration.

Basically, you need 40 credits to qualify for the disability benefits. One should remember that disability benefits do not begin until the sixth full month of disability. Social Security Administration declares an individual disabled by the following criteria:

- Inability to perform any substantial work because of medical conditions. Substantial work means earning $900 or more a month.
- The medical condition should last or be expected to last for 1 year or expected to result in your death.

Some of the benefits of getting social security disability income are:

- Increased monthly income
- Increased retirement and survivor benefits
- Tax free income
- Medicare coverage and many more.

So, disabled people don't have to live their life penny less as they can enjoy various monetary and other benefits through various insurance policies and programs.